More about Ben's journey...

“If a few words from myself can help you make the right decision when seeking a hearing care service, then I will be very happy. My hearing loss story goes back to my birth. I got by for years with the usual denial and avoidance of seeking help.”

“Five years ago I decided to seek help and spend time and money with some hearing aid stores. I had three attempts, but each time the hearing aids ended up in a drawer.”

“I spoke at a conference about my hearing loss and its impact on my family and career. Over dinner I was introduced to an independent Audiologist and they listened to my previous experiences with hearing aids. It was apparent that they understood my problems and individual needs, areas were identified where the aftercare may have failed me, so we arranged a consultation. After some tests I was advised on my options that also included helping me with my tinnitus.”

“I was fitted with Vogue® hearing aids and after a few consultations and fine tuning sessions, I now hear better than ever. The sound is so clear and very natural. My phone calls are streamed to both ears, which means I hear phone calls better than most people! My TV also streams clearly to my hearing aids. With hindsight, I could have saved lots of time if I had gone to a Vogue hearing specialist first and invested in these brilliant hearing aids.”

“My story ends with a crucial message – to get the best from your hearing, you need an attentive Audiologist that genuinely cares about your hearing, then sees you often to keep your ears working at their very best.”

Ben Cohen MBE
Vogue® Ambassador