Vogue® Exclusive Hearing Innovations

Hearing loss tends to creep up on us over time, with your ability to hear gradually worsening over many years. Taking the decision to treat your hearing loss can be difficult and unsettling. Because of this, it is extremely important to have a good understanding about the journey you and your hearing are about to undertake.

Vogue® Hearing Devices

Vogue hearing devices use the latest technology to deliver the best results possible. During your journey, the Protocol allows the devices to be adjusted during your aftercare based on your lifestyle and experiences so far. Remember, everyone is unique and what may be right for one, may not be right for another.

Vogue hearing devices are available in a number of different styles. From the tiny, almost invisible CIC (completely in canal) model, to a small RIC (receiver in canal), suitable for more severe hearing losses, there is a Vogue® model to suit you.

They are so comfortable you will soon forget you are wearing them. So much so, you may need to be careful when swimming, showering or bathing!